S K Barua - Managing Director, NRL


NRL Football Academy is on a mission to identify and nurture young talents by providing access to world class sporting avenue that will reflect NRL’s commitment towards the development of sports and football at the grassroots level in the region. I believe in building a society which provides equal access of opportunities without disparities. Our academy partner Sportify with their professional expertise has been actively driving the initiative to meet our shared Vision. NRL is fortunate to partner Sportify with its reputation for outstanding accomplishments and commitment towards the upliftment of Indian football in the coming years. My best wishes to the young talents!

Pranab Kr. Sharma - Sr.Manager, CSR, NRL


We at NRL are mindful of our responsibility to provide a truly world class sporting opportunity for young players. We embark on the task of transforming sports and football at the grassroots level in and around the region. NRL with a clear focus and commitment along with in-house world class sports facility are encouraging our budding talents, to be fully equipped to embrace the sporting challenges. Our partnership with Sportify has been positive and result oriented. The opportunity to make a positive difference to football in the sub-continent excites me greatly

Amar Jyoti Phukan - Sr.Manager, CSR, NRL


At NRL football academy we strive to  introduce the game of football to youth of all ages and skill levels  with the purpose of providing the           opportunity for each player to develop to their highest  potential. We strive to maintain an environment that embodies the core  values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and           teamwork while enhancing self- esteem, promoting  self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of  football.

Shashi Kiran, Director - Operations, Sportify


Sportify’s association with NRL has propelled the vision in making a mark in Indian football. I trust the passion for sports and football in particular by NRL will inspire young players in the academy by taking a giant stride to the next level of performance, professionalism and sportsmanship.