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Sportify is India’s premier sports education and management company operating in Singapore and India. Sportify introduced India’s first responsive sports program for school children. 

In India Sportify is working with 150+ partner schools across 20+ cities and daily enabling 60,000+ children through sports and fitness program. Sportify also has 15+ academies/ after-school program in India with a team size 100+ people. The vision of Sportify is to create a sporting impact at grassroot level.

Key features:

  • Singapore based ‘Sports Education’ company 
  • In India enabling 150+ schools across 20 cities in India 
  • Experts and Sports Educators from Singapore. Australia & India 
  • Adopted best practices from the most developed nations across the globe
  • Extensive research based PE and Sports Education program
  • Program covers all age group staring from Pre-school to higher grades
  • Planned, Sequential & Progressive Sports Education program
  • Program integrated with athletics, transitional games and sports 
  • Cognitive, Physical, Psycho-motor and Affective development
  • Highly trained and professional PE/ sports trainers
  • Highly enabled with technology using tablets and online platforms
  • Assessment of each child as per the defined metrics
  • Age-and-Skill specific props and equipment 
  • Year-round sporting events